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    What it's all about

    For years i’ve scrolled through Instagram trying to work out how these travel bloggers afford to live such lavish lifestyles and travel so well…

    As a travel journalist myself I know that while FAM and Press trips are an incredible way of building authority within the travel industry they’re far and few between. I got sick of waiting for the phone to ring and decided to find a way to travel and earn at the same time.

    A year ago I finally discovered the secret to travelling smart in the form of becoming a home / travel based independent travel agent .

    Did you know every booking you make either direct to hotel or through a booking site or agent has commission built in? By becoming an independent agent not only can you save those commissions on your own travel, you can also earn them by booking friends and family travel too!

    By joining this business I’m now travelling more and smarter than I’ve ever done before and the best bit … I get paid to do it!

    Whether you just want to book and save on your own travel, earn commissions by booking for others or if you’re looking to rep and build your own team of agents this is the business for you!


    Why join?

    Earn Commission Back On All Your Travel – Saving You £££

    Access To Private Facebook Community and 1-2-1 support from me!

    Opportunity To Grow Your Own Home-Based Business

    Your Questions Answered

    As a travel journalist holidays are my passion but unfortunately press trips are few and far between and travel is expensive. I used to book direct with hotels or on Booking.com all the time not knowing that commission was built into EVERY holiday I booked! Now I book those EXACT same holidays and get access to those exact FAM trips but I get to KEEP that commission I used to give to the holiday companies!
    Absolutely! Our Travel Host company is 25 years old and is a proud member of ABTA! Our suppliers are ATOL protected! If we weren’t legitimate then companies like TUI and James Villas wouldn’t have recently partnered up with us.
    Definitely not, I have worked for two NWM companies and I can certainly say this isn’t the same at all. It is totally optional if you want to be a business builder or just a Travel Agent. We have no targets, no point system … you book a holiday… you get paid commission … simple ?? There is an optional travel affiliate opportunity. But it is a completely SEPARATE business opportunity. Meaning there are other revenue streams available too.

    I'm ready to get started

    Just leave me your name and number and I’ll personally message you with the details you need to sign up. I’m going to support you every step of the way! Let’s get started together!